Tuesday, November 29, 2011

School Mistress Bonny - Anal Fisting And Squirting

School Mistress Bonny has a young student visit her office for bad grades.. she offers to do anything with Bonny for a pass.. lots of fisting and squirting..


Monday, November 28, 2011

Fisting Girl Threesome

Corrected post.. Hot Euro girls Cindy, Lauryn and Zafia in a lesbian fisting fetish including some hot anal exploring..


Gigi's Cum And Tobasco Sauce

Two guys shoot their loads into cute young Gigi's mouth.. she drools it out into a shoe.. adds a few drops of Tobasco and swallows it all..


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Melissa Cant Swallow Cum (Fixed)

Melissa Lauren goes to her docter explaining she can't swllow cum.. he hypnotizes her and she can now swallow every load..


Dawn's Peaches n' Cum

Big boobed amateur Dawn has hubby shoot a fresh load on her peaches..


Britney Blue Swallows North..

Britney Blue walks in and hands a note to Peter North.. says she wants to suck and swallow his cum.. enough said..


Britney's Chocolate Cum Desert

Britney sucks cock for her favorite desert topping..


Brianna Swallows North

Cute Brianna Blaze swallows Peter's big load..


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ami Eats A Cum Omlette

Ami Emerson in an American Gokkun episode.. All the cum is collected in a glass jug and she gives it to a guy who cooks it in a frypan.. Unbelievably Ami eats every little bit of it!!


Dawn's Cum Treats

Dawn loves cum with her treats.. 3 joined scenes of St Valentines day chocolates, easter eggs and a nice apple all getting glazed with hubby's cum..


Hailey And Paige Snowball North

Hailey Storm And Paige Turner take on Peter North's cock.. he blows a massive and messy load into Hailey's mouth and she attempts to snowball it into Paige's mouth and vice versa..


Cum Waffle Topping

Amateur German Aische eats her waffle with a fresh cum topping..


Brooke Swallows Lots Of Cum..

Second scene of American Gokkun 7.. Brooke Scott swallows two giant mouthfuls..


Roxy's Ass Smoothie

I've posted many ass smoothies but not too many are better than this.. hot Roxy mixes up a thick banana, ice cream and milk smoothie.. also opens up her ass with a large metal speculum.. the smoothie is poured into her ass and Roxy shakes her booty to mix it further before farting out a large amount to drink.. not finished there Roxy forces more out of her ass.. before making another smoothie to continue the messy fun..


Cindy Crawford Drinks A Tray Of Cum

From American Gokkun 7.. Cindy sits while over 50 guys cum on her face on tray.. she swallows almost every drop..


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Merry's Sperma Toast

Merry is a cute but very nasty German amateur.. she's making a snack but her man pulls out his cock and fucks her from behind.. she then sucks it and soon after he shoots his load all over her jelly/jam toast.. Merry eats it all..


Fisting Cousins Bonny And Britney

Nice new bigger version of Bonny and her hot blonde cousin Britney.. this contains some rough sex.. both briefly eat each others pussy.. heavily fist each other with Britney vigorously DP'ing Bonnie with both hands.. Bonny squirts a heap as usual..


Desiree Cousteau - Enema In Pretty Peaches

The very hot 70's & 80's Porn Star, Desiree Cousteau, in a funny enema scene from Pretty Peaches.. she has amnesia and this weird character forces her to have an enema in order to get her memory back.. she was huge back then and this movie shows just how good looking she was.. anyone know anything about her since retiring 20 years ago? Also fixed the audio a bit so its almost in sync..


Gia's Birthday Cum Cake

It's Gia Paloma's birthday and the boys present her with a cake.. but before she can try it she gets to do a rough blow bang with many cocks shoved hard down her throat.. the gys then cum on a slice of the cake which Gia enjoys eating..


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jasmine Overloaded With Sperm

Latin beauty Jasmine Byrne goes for a job interview that requires thorough testing of her oral skills.. the guys from the warehouse give her lots to swallow and a pass.. then its off to the board of directors who test all of her other skills..


Monday, November 21, 2011

Roxy - How Low Can You Go

Roxy has a new collection a small witches hats.. she marks out on each one how far it penetrates her anus.. then sticks more toys in there...


Melissa Julianna Drinks Cum

2nd scene from American Gokkun 5.. Melissa struggles to drink a lot of cum..


Chelsie And Keeani Drink Cum

From American Gokkun 5.. Chelsie Rae & Keeani Lee swap cum through a tube and drink a giant amount of the sticky white stuff..


Anal Fisting With Bonny And Cindy

Bonny in hot anal fisting action with Cindy.. Bonny does her trademark squirting too..


Large picture gallery can be found >Here<

Victoria And Gia Anal Creampie Cumswap

Victoria Sin and Gia Paloma play with each other and then get forcefully banged by a lucky guy.. eventually he shoots his load in Victoria's ass and Gia collects in her mouth.. she then snowballs it into Victoria's mouth followed by some kissing..