Thursday, September 29, 2011

Crackwhore Melanie

"Today is Melanie's husband's Birthday! To kick off the celebration, he dropped her off to suck Cracker Jack's cock. He loves watching his wife suck other guys cocks, while he jacks off. Melanie really lives up to the title "Slut Fuck Pig" as Cracker Jack likes to call her. Watch him tea bag Melanie and make her toss his salad. He sends her home with a BIG surprise kiss for husband, the Birthday Boy!"


Friday, September 23, 2011

Amateur Dressing Room Blowjob And Facial Walk

Sandy is a daring German amateur babe that enters a store dressing room in a mall.. there she gives her guy a blowjob with his load shot in her mouth and face.. she spreads the cum around a bit then leaves and walks amongst the public with the drying cum on her face..


Crackwhore Kimberly

"Heroin is my drug of choice... But she definitely has an honorary crack ho membership. Meet Kimberly, a self mutilating, part time crack ho, full time heroin junkie. She is the kind of stripper that prefers to stay off the stage and in the back room. Yep, she would rather let you tango with her tonsils in the back room than shake her ass on stage. She is one rung above rock bottom... see if she looses her grip!"


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Amber Drinks Cum From A Blender

Amber Rayne in the first American Gokkun series.. all the cum ends up in a container that Ashley Blue attaches to a blender.. the result is something like a cum smoothie that Amber eagerly drinks through a straw.. even burbs afterwards..


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crackwhore Tasha

"Tasha is an Ex-convict straight out of prison. Tasha did her time on gun charges. Now she is already back on the streets hitting the pipe. She claims this is her first time sucking cock for cash, but she can't pull one over on old Cracker Jack! Heck her old man even knows she is out giving blowjobs. Tasha is not your everyday hooker though, she is into the darker side of sex. Tasha has been a submissive little slut pleasing men since High School!"


Katja Anal Fisted

Blonde babe has fun using her hand to penetrate Katja Kassin's hot ass..


Friday, September 16, 2011

Bobbi And Dana - Insatiable Voyage

Bobbi Starr and Dana Dearmond in a massive gangbang.. both girls get thoroughly drilled in all their holes.. the girls have fun snowballing and swallowing every load..


Crackwhore Alexis

Alexis never learned to duck! First her smile was enhanced by a policemen's baton. Her own pimp however, preferred to use a 40oz Beer bottle to whack her upside the head. Growing up, her Mom was a prostitute with a pimp that gave out candy for blowjobs. A concerned citizen burnt down their trailer to stop the child abuse. Finally there is nothing to bring a dysfunctional family together, quite like a dismembered whore in the freezer!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crackwhore Helen

"Helen is a freebase freak. She loves sucking dick for the fast cash and cheap thrills. Helen says her Johns are always getting calls from their wives while she is giving them an after work blowjob. She does not let that slow her down though she just keeps sucking away. Helen states she can blow upto 20 cocks in a days work to feed her habit. She calls herself the "Ultimate Baser" after staying up smoking for 11 days straight!"


Brooke And Nevaeh Cum Snowballing

A rather plump Brooke Scott and Nevaeh Lace enter a house full of guys smoking weed.. the girls say they're there to blow some guy named Dave.. the guys all say they're Dave and begin to get their cocks sucked.. one by one each guy blows inside Nevaeh's mouth and when its full she drools it into Brooke's mouth who swallows the lot..


Monday, September 5, 2011

Crackwhore Jane

"Jane is seeking Tarzan in the concrete jungle. After her first taste of dark meat she was struck with jungle fever! Jane currently has two white babies, and much to her parents surprise a zebra child! She needs that large black cock to fill her big tired pussy! Listen to how Jane is losing the race between the dopeman and being able to keep a few dollars in her pocket. You won't even believe how she deals with an armed pussy bandit!"


Milena Anal Fists Duisa

Two nasty euro babes.. dark haired Milena gives Duisa some of hardest fisting she'll ever experience.. both hands are wrist deep in both hers ass and pussy..


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Crackwhore Lisa-Kate

"Lisa-Kate is a dedicated career crack whore that works and fights hard for her drugs. She has been divorced 4 times resulting in 8 children. Her current boyfriend pimps her out to suck cock to support their crack addiction. She also specializes in cock and ball torture CBT. Her number one client likes having his balls whacked with a paint stick, it takes him a month to recover! This dangerous game leads Kate to shooting a dope dealer, then being shot as she flees the scene.."


Annette Swallows A Bowl Of Cum

Kinky German Annette Schwarz has an oral workout with yet another bunch of cocks.. after a while her bowl fills with cum and she starts to play with it including some snorting.. eventually she fills her mouth and swallows it down..


Harmony's Big Wet Ass

Nasty Harmony starts off dancing and then a guy gets to bang her.. he works her ass really good and blows his load deep inside it.. she stretches her ass to drain the cum into a glass and drinks it..