Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crackwhore Tasha

"Tasha is an Ex-convict straight out of prison. Tasha did her time on gun charges. Now she is already back on the streets hitting the pipe. She claims this is her first time sucking cock for cash, but she can't pull one over on old Cracker Jack! Heck her old man even knows she is out giving blowjobs. Tasha is not your everyday hooker though, she is into the darker side of sex. Tasha has been a submissive little slut pleasing men since High School!"



Bruno said...

oh my gooooooooooooooood..

dude i spend like 2 hours and went through almost all the swallow videos...jesus it is toooooo much for me to handle...

Why I didn't find this before..btw you should careful that blogspot can delete this thread anytime when they see you are hosting porn videos...i suggest you thumbloggers or adultblogpost and redirect your site...

u can't lose this site..wowo

can you try to find LADY SONIA swallow videos..


FreddyX said...

You can post porn on blogger but not any illegal stuff.. I've got this backed up in case it does go.. also working on a mirror site..

If I find some of those movies and I like them I'll post some..