Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crackwhore Julie

"Growing up, Julie was Daddy's Special Girl. He taught her about the birds and the bees with a hands on approach. Julie grew up using everything Daddy taught her to make a living as a hooker. Julie has plenty of sick sex stories, like how she got paid to put a guy in the trunk of a car, take him to the woods and shove a stick up his ass. Julie calls herself the "Indo Ho", she is the entertainment for all of the wack crack heads!"



Anonymous said...

Hi dear

I love to see your blog

I’ve already added your link on my, please add me to your favorites!!!

Can I post you as the weekly best blog?

FreddyX said...

Whats your blog about? I can only understand English..

Anonymous said...

Please take a look on the bottom of my blog...there's some could change to english!

My blog talks about fetishes..

For the next posts, i'll try to post in english as well.

Please add me to your favorite list

Your link is on my..

FreddyX said...

Sorry, but you have too much gay stuff.. I'm not interested at all..